Gayo Arabica Coffee

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Laut Tawar Lake at Gayo Highland, Takengon,Central Aceh-Indonesia
Laut Tawar Lake at Gayo Highland, Takengon, Central Aceh-Indonesia

Gayo Arabica Coffee grows on ancient volcanic area in Gayo Highland, Aceh – Indonesia. The highland lies on the altitude of 900 – 1700 m above sea level. Rainfall rate of the area around 1643 –2000 mm/year, which is considered highly favorable for coffee plantations.

Coffee cultivation in Gayo Highland was started in 1924 by the Dutch Colony. Since 1930, coffee has become the center of Gayo economy that contributes around 50-90% of family income.

Currently, Gayo Highland is one of the most important areas for Indonesia’s Arabica Coffee. It is the largest Arabica coffee producing region in the country.

The total coffee plantation in the area covers around 95,000 hectares. Most of it owned by about 66,000 families of farmers. Only less than 10% of the total plantations are controlled by the local government and private sector.

The soil, the landscape, and the climate of the area contribute to various rich characters, strong body and complex flavor for Gayo Arabica coffee. It is so vary that some coffee experts (Gayo Cuppers Team) say that Gayo Arabica coffee has the rich taste of the world coffees. Due to its strong characters, the coffee is often added to a coffee blend to enhance aroma and body to the blend.

Under a proper processing, Gayo Arabica Coffee has a fine taste coffee which is considered as gourmet coffee and grouped as one of the best coffee in the world.

Several trade names of Gayo Arabica Coffee in international market are Mandheling Coffee, Sumatra Mandheling, Retro Mandheling, Sumatra Gayo, Mandheling Gayo, Super Gayo, and Gayo Mountain Coffee.

In January 2010, Gayo Arabica Coffee has gained protection from Directorate General of Intellectual Property Rights – Ministry of Law and Human Rights of The Republic of Indonesia, through Geographical Indication (GI). The rights is owned by MPKG (Masyarakat Perlindungan Kopi Gayo – Gayo Coffee Protection Society) in Takengon, Central Aceh – Indonesia.

Geographical Indication  Gayo Arabica Coffee
Geographical Indication
Gayo Arabica Coffee