Coffee that we offer

Some experts called coffee roasting as the moment of truth because the coffee taste will remain unknown until it’s roasted.

Different roasting level (from light roast to dark roast) will create different taste coffee. While people have a certain preference toward roasting profile, coffee has it’s unique characteristic that certain roasting profile can promote its best taste.

Combining the two school of thoughts, GayoBies Coffee offer three types of roasted coffee:

GayoBies Luwak

  • GayoBies Coffee available in whole bean, ground coffee and drip coffee.
  • The coffee are packed into 250 gr and 100 gr stand pouch, equipped by one-way valve to ensure the freshness of the coffee.
  • We also provide 10 gr of drip coffee in sachet for you to enjoy gourmet coffee anytime anywhere.

GayoBies Drip Coffee

           gayo_drip_coffee1  drip_coffee2

With GayoBies Drip Coffee in your pocket, you can enjoy gourmet coffee anywhere, at your convenient time.